Global Perspectives on Victimization Analysis and Prevention
Johnson Oluwole Ayodele

Over the past two decades, both developed and developing countries have experienced major individual and collective tragic victimizations leading to major structural and systemic transformations as a consequence of the influence of organized crime and international terrorism. These trends, many of which, as noted earlier, are global in spread and have catastrophic outcomes, revolve around some categories of political diplomacy and unsatisfactory reform responses to spiraling discontent among motivated youths. Global Perspectives on Victimization Analysis and Prevention is an essential research book that provides comprehensive research on postmodern crime prevention and control strategies as well as potential transformations that could be seen in victimology. It offers resources to understand and analyze the main issues, relevant framework, and contextual intricacies within which public safety agendas are articulated and implemented across the globe. Highlighting a wide range of topics such as public safety, crime prevention, and terrorism, this book is essential for criminologists, law enforcement, victim advocates, criminal profilers, crime analysts, academicians, policymakers, researchers, security planners, NGOs, government officials, and students.

Information Science Reference
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