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Adam McBride
The Role of Anglo-Saxon Great Hall Complexes in Kingdom Formation, in Comparison and in Context AD 500-750
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2020
Ahmed Hosni, Author
Forgeries and the Authenticity of Archaeology
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022
Alessandra Esposito
Performing the Sacra: Priestly Roles and Their Organisation in Roman Britain
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Alessio Palmisano
The Geography of Trade: Landscapes of Competition and Long-distance Contacts in Mesopotamia and Anatolia in the Old Assyrian Colony Period
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2018
Alexander R. Thomas, Gregory M. Fulkerson
City and Country : The Historical Evolution of Urban-Rural Systems
Lexington Books, 2021
Alistair Marshall
Orientation of Prehistoric Monuments in Britain: A Reassessment
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2021
Aliza Steinberg
Weaving in Stones: Garments and Their Accessories in the Mosaic Art of Eretz Israel in Late Antiquity
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Andrea Squitieri, David Eitam
Stone Tools in the Ancient Near East and Egypt : Ground Stone Tools, Rock-cut Installations and Stone Vessels From Prehistory to Late Antiquity
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Andrew Reinhard
Archaeogaming : An Introduction to Archaeology in and of Video Games
Berghahn Books, 2018
Anna-Latifa Mourad
Rise of the Hyksos : Egypt and the Levant From the Middle Kingdom to the Early Second Intermediate Period
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2015
Anne Eastham
Man and Bird in the Palaeolithic of Western Europe
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2021
Aren M. Maeir, Itzhaq Shai, Chris McKinny
The Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages of Southern Canaan
De Gruyter, 2019
Attila Gyucha
Coming Together : Comparative Approaches to Population Aggregation and Early Urbanization
SUNY Press, 2019
Ben Jervis
The Middle Ages Revisited: Studies in the Archaeology and History of Medieval Southern England Presented to Professor David A. Hinton
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2018
Branka Migotti, Marjeta Sasel Kos Jamison, Iva Radman-Livaja
Roman Funerary Monuments of South-Western Pannonia in Their Material, Social, and Religious Context
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2018
Brian Hoggard
Magical House Protection : The Archaeology of Counter-Witchcraft
Berghahn Books, 2019
C. Riley Augé
Field Manual for the Archaeology of Ritual, Religion, and Magic
Berghahn Books, 2022
Charles Bonnet
The Black Kingdom of the Nile
Harvard University Press, 2019
Charles Perreault
The Quality of the Archaeological Record
University of Chicago Press, 2019
Constantinos Paschalidis
The Mycenaean Cemetery at Achaia Clauss Near Patras : People, Material Remains and Culture in Context
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2018
Cristina Tonghini
From Edessa to Urfa: The Fortification of the Citadel
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2021
Csaba Szabo
Sanctuaries in Roman Dacia : Materiality and Religious Experience
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2018
Damjan Donev
The Busy Periphery: Urban Systems of the Balkan and Danube Provinces (2nd – 3rd C. AD)
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Daniel Eddisford
Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies Volume 49 2019 : Papers From the Fifty-second Meeting of the Seminar for Arabian Studies Held at the British Museum, London, 3 to 5 August 2018
Archaeopress, 2019
David M. Wilson
Manx Crosses: A Handbook of Stone Sculpture 500-1040 in the Isle of Man
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2018
Eduardo Williams
Ancient West Mexico in the Mesoamerican Ecumene
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Elena C. Partida, Barbara Schmidt-Dounas
Listening to the Stones: Essays on Architecture and Function in Ancient Greek Sanctuaries in Honour of Richard Alan Tomlinson
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Erica Angliker, John Tully
Cycladic Archaeology and Research: New Approaches and Discoveries
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2018
Francesca Mazzilli
Rural Cult Centres in the Hauran: Part of the Broader Network of the Near East (100 BC–AD 300)
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2018
Giorgos Vavouranakis, Konstantinos Kopanias, Chrysanthos Kanellopoulos
Popular Religion and Ritual in Prehistoric and Ancient Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Glennise West
The Tekenu and Ancient Egyptian Funerary Ritual
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Gocha R. Tsetskhladze, Sümer Atasoy
Settlements and Necropoleis of the Black Sea and Its Hinterland in Antiquity : Select Papers From the Third International Conference ‘The Black Sea in Antiquity and Tekkeköy: An Ancient Settlement on the Southern Black Sea Coast’, 27-29 October 2017, Tekkeköy, Samsun
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Goranka Lipovac Vrkljan, Ana Konestra
Pottery Production, Landscape and Economy of Roman Dalmatia : Interdisciplinary Approaches
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2018
Grazyna Bakowska-Czerner, Rafal Czerner
Greco-Roman Cities at the Crossroads of Cultures: The 20th Anniversary of Polish-Egyptian Conservation Mission Marina El-Alamein
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Gregory Denis Lattanzi
Archaeology, Copper, and Complexity in the Middle Atlantic Region
Lexington Books, 2022
H. J. M. Green
Durovigutum: Roman Godmanchester
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2018
Haim Goldfus, Mayer I. Gruber, Shamir Yona, Peter Fabian
‘Isaac Went Out to the Field’: Studies in Archaeology and Ancient Cultures in Honor of Isaac Gilead
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Horacio González Cesteros, Piero Berni Millet
Roman Amphorae in Neuss: Augustan to Julio-Claudian Contexts
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2018
Iain Davidson, April Nowell
Making Scenes : Global Perspectives on Scenes in Rock Art
Berghahn Books, 2021
Ing-Marie Back Danielsson, Andrew Meirion Jones
Images in the Making : Art, Process, Archaeology
Manchester University Press, 2020
Jasper de Bruin
Border Communities at the Edge of the Roman Empire : Processes of Change in the Civitas Cananefatium
Amsterdam University Press, 2019
Jed Z. Buchwald, Diane Greco Josefowicz
The Riddle of the Rosetta : How an English Polymath and a French Polyglot Discovered the Meaning of Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Princeton University Press, 2020
John G. Dellis, Editor, Stephanos A. Paipetis, Editor
The Influence of Hellenic Philosophy on the Contemporary World
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019
John Soderberg
Animals and Sacred Bodies in Early Medieval Ireland : Religion and Urbanism at Clonmacnoise
Lexington Books, 2022
Justin L. Kelley
The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Text and Archaeology
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Karen A. Haworth, Terry J. Prewitt
The Evolution of Human Consciousness and Linguistic Behavior : A Synthetic Approach to the Anthropology and Archaeology of Language Origins
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2020
Karni Golan
Architectural Sculpture in the Byzantine Negev : Characterization and Meaning
De Gruyter, 2020
Kate Mees
Burial, Landscape and Identity in Early Medieval Wessex
Boydell Press, 2019
Katherine M. Erdman
Public Engagement and Education : Developing and Fostering Stewardship for an Archaeological Future
Berghahn Books, 2019
Kim Bergqvist, Editor, Kurt Villads Jensen, Editor, Anthony John Lappin, Editor
Conflict and Collaboration in Medieval Iberia
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020
Laura K. Harrison, A. Nejat Bilgen, Asuman Kapuci
The Early Bronze Age in Western Anatolia
SUNY Press, 2021
Leo Roeten
Loaves, Beds, Plants and Osiris: Considerations About the Emergence of the Cult of Osiris
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Louisa Campbell, Dene Wright, Nicola A. Hall
Roots of Nationhood: The Archaeology and History of Scotland
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2018
Maciej Wacławik, Editor
Land of Fertility III: The Southeast Mediterranean from the Bronze Age to the Muslim Conquest
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019
Mariana Castro
The Function of the Roman Army in Southern Arabia Petraea
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Martin Pitts
The Roman Object Revolution : Objectscapes and Intra-Cultural Connectivity in Northwest Europe
Amsterdam University Press, 2019
Maryam Dezhamkhooy, Leila Papoli-Yazdi
The Politics of the Past: The Representation of the Ancient Empires by Iran’s Modern States
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Maxine Anastasi
Pottery From Roman Malta
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Megan J. Daniels
Homo Migrans : Modeling Mobility and Migration in Human History
SUNY Press, 2022
Mohamed Kenawi
Kom Al-Ahmer – Kom Wasit I: Excavations in the Metelite Nome, Egypt : Ca. 700 BC – AD 1000
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Nicholas Sekunda
Wonders Lost and Found: A Celebration of the Archaeological Work of Professor Michael Vickers
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2020
Oded Lipschits
Age of Empires : The History and Administration of Judah in the 8th–2nd Centuries BCE in Light of the Storage-Jar Stamp Impressions
Eisenbrauns, 2021
Oded Lipschits, Liora Freud, Manfred Oeming, Yuval Gadot
Ramat Raḥel VI : The Renewed Excavations by the Tel Aviv–Heidelberg Expedition (2005–2010). The Babylonian-Persian Pit
Eisenbrauns, 2021
Paola Buzi, Enrico Giorgi
The Urban Landscape of Bakchias: A Town of the Fayyūm From the Ptolemaic-Roman Period to Late Antiquity
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2020
Patrick E. McGovern
Ancient Wine : The Search for the Origins of Viniculture
Princeton University Press, 2019
Paul Belford
Blood, Faith and Iron: A Dynasty of Catholic Industrialists in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-century England
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2018
Pavel S. Avetisyan, Roberto Dan, Yervand H. Grekyan
Over the Mountains and Far Away: Studies in Near Eastern History and Archaeology Presented to Mirjo Salvini on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Rachel Thyrza Sparks, Bill Finlayson, Bart Wagemakers, Josef Mario Briffa SJ
Digging Up Jericho : Past, Present and Future
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Radosław Palonka
Art in the Pre-Hispanic Southwest : An Archaeology of Native American Cultures
Lexington Books, 2022
Rena Laisram, Author
Religion in Early Assam: An Archaeological History
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019
Robert L. Kelly
The Fifth Beginning : What Six Million Years of Human History Can Tell Us About Our Future
University of California Press, 2016
Ronny Reich, Eli Shukron
Excavations in the City of David, Jerusalem (1995-2010)
Eisenbrauns, 2021
Rui Morais, Delfim Leão, Diana Rodríguez Pérez, Daniela Ferreira
Greek Art in Motion: Studies in Honour of Sir John Boardman on the Occasion of His 90th Birthday
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Sauro Gelichi, Lauro Olmo-Enciso
Mediterranean Landscapes in Post Antiquity : New Frontiers and New Perspectives
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Sharon R. Steadman, Editor
The Archaeology of Anatolia, Volume III: Recent Discoveries (2017–2018)
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019
Sharon R. Steadman, Editor, Gregory McMahon, Editor
The Archaeology of Anatolia, Volume IV: Recent Discoveries (2018–2020)
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021
Simona Rodan
Maritime-Related Cults in the Coastal Cities of Philistia During the Roman Period : Legacy and Change
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2019
Sinclair W. Bell, Lora L. Holland
At the Crossroads of Greco-Roman History, Culture, and Religion : Papers in Memory of Carin M. C. Green
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2018
Svetlana Pankova, St John Simpson
Masters of the Steppe: The Impact of the Scythians and Later Nomad Societies of Eurasia : Proceedings of a Conference Held at the British Museum, 27-29 October 2017
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2020
Tim Frank
Household Food Storage in Ancient Israel and Judah
Archaeopress Archaeology, 2018
Vesa-Pekka Herva, Antti Lahelma
Northern Archaeology and Cosmology : A Relational View
Routledge, 2020