Architectural Sculpture in the Byzantine Negev : Characterization and Meaning
Karni Golan

The series'Archaeology of the Biblical Worlds'is published in close connection with the Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception and is dedicated to archaeological topics relevant to the study of the biblical worlds. Research on the Bible is no longer confined to the analysis of textual sources. The examination of archaeological evidence has become increasingly important within Biblical Studies around the world. This series bridges Archaeology and Biblical Studies, bringing together scholars from both fields in order to encourage an interdisciplinary approach. The topics covered in this series will span the cultures in which the biblical texts were created and received, mostly but not exclusively in the eastern Mediterranean world. The time frame ranges from the Ancient Near East until the Middle Ages. The series will include monographs by single authors on synthetic topics, archaeological reports on excavations at relevant sites, and collections of studies on topical themes. Advisory Board: Benjamin Arubas, Hebrew University Jerusalem, IsraelAngelika Berlejung, University of Leipzig, GermanyLeah Di Segni, Hebrew University Jerusalem, IsraelMoshe Fisher, Tel Aviv University, IsraelIsaac Gilead, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, IsraelShuichi Hasegawa, Rikkyo University, JapanTom Levy, University of California, San Diego, USASteve Mason, University of Groningen, NetherlandsAmi Mazar, Hebrew University Jerusalem, IsraelStefan Münger, University of Berne, SwitzerlandDavid Schloen, University of Chicago, USABill Schneidewind, University of California, Los Angeles, USAWolfgang Zwickel, University of Mainz, Germany

De Gruyter
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