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Angela E. Douglas
Fundamentals of Microbiome Science : How Microbes Shape Animal Biology
Princeton University Press, 2018
Angela E. Douglas
Insects and Their Beneficial Microbes
Princeton University Press, 2022
Anil K. Sharma, Girish Kumar Gupta, Mukesh Yadav
Medical Microbiology
De Gruyter, 2022
Aparna B. Gunjal, Rebecca Thombre, Javid A. Parray
Physiology, Genomics, and Biotechnological Applications of Extremophiles
Medical Information Science Reference, 2022
Athena Aktipis
The Cheating Cell : How Evolution Helps Us Understand and Treat Cancer
Princeton University Press, 2020
Daniel R. Brooks, Eric P. Hoberg, Walter A. Boeger
The Stockholm Paradigm : Climate Change and Emerging Disease
University of Chicago Press, 2019
Elias Hakalehto
Microbiology of Food Quality : Challenges in Food Production and Distribution During and After the Pandemics
De Gruyter, 2022
Igor M. Rouzine
One-Locus and Multi-Locus Theory and Recombination
De Gruyter, 2021
Jeyaseelan Aravind, Murugesan Kamaraj
Emerging Contaminants : Remediation Technologies
De Gruyter, 2022
John Mattick, Paulo Amaral
RNA, the Epicenter of Genetic Information
CRC Press, 2023
Junaid Ahmad Malik
Handbook of Research on Microbial Remediation and Microbial Biotechnology for Sustainable Soil
Engineering Science Reference, 2021
Marie-Hélène Marchand, Author
The Story of the Pasteur Institute and Its Contributions to Global Health
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018
Maulin Shah
Environmental Microbiology : Emerging Technologies
De Gruyter, 2022
Paul Dennis Bridge, David Smith, Erko Stackebrandt
Trends in the Systematics of Bacteria and Fungi
CAB International, 2021
Phillip K. Peterson
Microbes : The Life-Changing Story of Germs
Prometheus, 2020
S. Andrew Inkpen, W. Ford Doolittle
Can Microbial Communities Regenerate? : Uniting Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Chicago Press, 2022
Tracey Rouault
Biochemistry, Biosynthesis and Human Diseases
De Gruyter, 2017
Vijai Kumar Gupta, Gauri Dutt Sharma, Maria G Tuohy, Rajeeva Gaur
Handbook of Microbial Bioresources, The
CAB International, 2016
William Hall, Anthony McDonnell, Jim O'Neill
Superbugs : An Arms Race Against Bacteria
Harvard University Press, 2018