Emerging Contaminants : Remediation Technologies
Jeyaseelan Aravind, Murugesan Kamaraj

The increased demand due to anthropogenic activity leads to emerging contaminants, resulting in a substantial environmental hazard. The long-term presence and exposure of contaminants lead to severe negative impacts on the environment, humans, and other life forms. Hence, emerging contaminants in the environment is a worldwide concern, and new technologies to mitigate these contaminants are being developed. This book covers the source, occurrence, toxicity, and detection techniques of a wide range of emerging contaminants. This collection also discusses the scope and applications of diverse techniques, including Bio/Phyto and Nano-remediation technologies, to mitigate the emerging contaminants; along with their sustainability issue and prospects. As a result, this book appears to provide insight into several modern and environmentally friendly waste management options, the possibility to minimize and lessen the effects of contaminants, and striving to lower toxicological endpoints to assure environmental safety. This book delivers the most recent advancements by prominent specialists in environmental sciences to academics, researchers, students, and practitioners interested in the identification and eradication of emerging pollutants from the environment.

De Gruyter
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