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Adia Harvey Wingfield
Flatlining : Race, Work, and Health Care in the New Economy
University of California Press, 2019
Bettina Wuttig, Barbara Wolf
Körper Beratung : Beratungshandeln im Spannungsfeld von Körper, Leib und Normativität
transcript Verlag, 2019
Claudia Goldin
Career and Family : Women’s Century-Long Journey Toward Equity
Princeton University Press, 2021
Dawn Marie Dow
Mothering While Black : Boundaries and Burdens of Middle-Class Parenthood
University of California Press, 2019
Esther da Costa Meyer
Dividing Paris : Urban Renewal and Social Inequality, 1852–1870
Princeton University Press, 2022
Eviatar Zerubavel
Taken for Granted : The Remarkable Power of the Unremarkable
Princeton University Press, 2018
Kimberly Maslin
The Experiential Ontology of Hannah Arendt
Lexington Books, 2020
Leslie J. Reagan
When Abortion Was a Crime : Women, Medicine, and Law in the United States, 1867-1973, with a New Preface
University of California Press, 2022
Matt LaVine
Race, Gender, and the History of Early Analytic Philosophy
Lexington Books, 2020
Megan Tobias Neely
Hedged Out : Inequality and Insecurity on Wall Street
University of California Press, 2022
Nancy Mae Antrim, Editor
Seeking Identity: Language in Society
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021
Rebecca M. Jordan-Young, Katrina Karkazis
Testosterone : An Unauthorized Biography
Harvard University Press, 2019
Sarah Damaske
The Tolls of Uncertainty : How Privilege and the Guilt Gap Shape Unemployment in America
Princeton University Press, 2021
Shelly Clevenger, Jordana N. Navarro
Gendering Criminology : Crime and Justice Today
University of California Press, 2021
Sonja K. Foss, Cindy L. Griffin
Inviting Understanding : A Portrait of Invitational Rhetoric
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2020