Seeking Identity: Language in Society
Nancy Mae Antrim, Editor

'Seeking Identity: Language in Society'looks at how we define and create identity both as individuals and as a society through language. Our language choices reflect not only how we view ourselves, but how we are viewed by society. An individual's identity is reflected in various language construedidentities: ethnicity, gender, and cross-cultural/counter cultural. In turn these identities are projected by society on the individual/ethnic group by the language choices society makes in describing and addressing these individuals. In the first section (Language and Identity), an ethnolinguistic approach is used to address the areas of language identity/loyalty, gender, and ethnic pride. Section two (Language andAdvertising) looks at how society in turn uses language to relate to different groups by appealing to ethnic pride, language identity, and the power/prestige that using a particular language variety entails. Section three (Language and the Media) explores how the media contributes to our construction of identity. Section four (Language and Discourse) shows how written discourse can appropriate, construct, and parody identity.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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