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Abdulkerim Sen, Hugh Starkey
Citizenship Education in Turkey : From Militant-Secular to Islamic Nationalism
Lexington Books, 2020
Ahmed Y. Zohny
Barack Obama and the Arab Spring : A Successful Balancing Act of Foreign Policy and Diplomacy
Lexington Books, 2021
Ari Ofengenden
Liberalization and Culture in Contemporary Israel
Lexington Books, 2018
Ayfer Erdogan
Arab Spring-Arab Fall : Divergent Transitions in Post-2011 Tunisia and Egypt
Lexington Books, 2021
Carl C. Yonker
The Rise and Fall of Greater Syria : A Political History of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party
De Gruyter, 2021
Cengiz Çandar
Turkey’s Mission Impossible : War and Peace with the Kurds
Lexington Books, 2020
Guy Burton
Rising Powers and the Arab–Israeli Conflict Since 1947
Lexington Books, 2018
Hanifi Baris
The Kurdish Model of Political Community : A Vision of National Liberation Defiant of the Nation-State
Lexington Books, 2021
Hayat Alvi
Nonviolent Activism in Islam : The Message of Abul Kalam Azad
Lexington Books, 2021
Hilal Khashan
Hizbullah : A Mission to Nowhere
Lexington Books, 2019
Itamar Rabinovich, Carmit Valensi
Syrian Requiem : The Civil War and Its Aftermath
Princeton University Press, 2021
Kandiyoti, Deniz
Gender, Governance and Islam
Edinburgh University Press, 2019
Katlyn Quenzer, Maria Syed, Elisabeth Yarbakhsh
Emerging Scholarship on the Middle East and Central Asia : Moving From the Periphery
Lexington Books, 2018
Lisa Blaydes
State of Repression : Iraq Under Saddam Hussein
Princeton University Press, 2018
Mandy Turner
From the River to the Sea : Palestine and Israel in the Shadow of 'Peace'
Lexington Books, 2019
Mariam F. Alkazemi, Claudia E. Youakim
Arab Worlds Beyond the Middle East and North Africa
Lexington Books, 2021
Martin Beck, Thomas Richter
Oil and the Political Economy in the Middle East : Post-2014 Adjustment Policies of the Arab Gulf and Beyond
Manchester University Press, 2021
Mehmet Gurses, David Romano, Michael M. Gunter
The Kurds in the Middle East : Enduring Problems and New Dynamics
Lexington Books, 2020
Monte Palmer
The Future of the Middle East : Faith, Force, and Finance
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2018
Natalya Ketenci, Ayşe Sevencan
Economics and Politics of Energy in the Middle East and Eastern Europe
Lexington Books, 2021
Oana Pârvan
The Arab Spring Between Transformation and Capture : Autonomy, Media and Mobility in Tunisia
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2020
Ofira Seliktar, Farhad Rezaei
Iran, Israel, and the United States : The Politics of Counter-Proliferation Intelligence
Lexington Books, 2018
Özgür Pala, Khalid Al-Jaber
Turkish-Qatari Relations : From Past to Present in a Turbulent Geopolitical Landscape
Lexington Books, 2022
Ozum Yesiltas
Rethinking State-Non-State Alliances : Change and Continuity in the U.S.-Kurdish Relationship
Lexington Books, 2022
R. R. Asaadi
Postrevolutionary Iran : The Leader, The People, and the Three Powers
Lexington Books, 2021
Rami Zeedan
Arab-Palestinian Society in the Israeli Political System : Integration Versus Segregation in the Twenty-First Century
Lexington Books, 2019
Ramin Jahanbegloo
Mapping the Role of Intellectuals in Iranian Modern and Contemporary History
Lexington Books, 2020
Rasim Özgür Dönmez, Ali Yaman
Nation-Building and Turkish Modernization : Islam, Islamism, and Nationalism in Turkey
Lexington Books, 2019
Uzi Rabi
The Return of the Past : State, Identity, and Society in ThePost–Arab Spring Middle East
Lexington Books, 2020
Yael S. Aronoff, Ilan Peleg, Saliba Sarsar
Continuity and Change in Political Culture : Israel and Beyond
Lexington Books, 2020