Economics and Politics of Energy in the Middle East and Eastern Europe
Natalya Ketenci, Ayşe Sevencan

Energy policy has always been important to the population for stability and to advance technological progress and economic growth. The scope of energy discussions and concerns in the world have expanded significantly in the last several decades. In order to cope with accelerating pollution from fossil fuels, countries have increased investments in renewable energy power plants. However, the existing technology does not allow for the significant increase of the capacity of renewable energy facilities in a short period. As a result, in order to maintain economic growth, countries continue to be highly dependent on fossil fuels like oil, natural gas, and coal. At the same time, some countries start to encounter such problems as depletion of their oil and natural gas resources. The aim of this book is to analyze energy resources in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and relations between countries that appear as a result of new discoveries in this area.

Lexington Books
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