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Angela E. Douglas
Fundamentals of Microbiome Science : How Microbes Shape Animal Biology
Princeton University Press, 2018
Anna Marie Skalka
Discovering Retroviruses : Beacons in the Biosphere
Harvard University Press, 2018
Aparna B. Gunjal, Rebecca Thombre, Javid A. Parray
Physiology, Genomics, and Biotechnological Applications of Extremophiles
Medical Information Science Reference, 2022
Athena Aktipis
The Cheating Cell : How Evolution Helps Us Understand and Treat Cancer
Princeton University Press, 2020
Craig Stanford
The New Chimpanzee : A Twenty-First-Century Portrait of Our Closest Kin
Harvard University Press, 2018
Jenny Bangham
Blood Relations : Transfusion and the Making of Human Genetics
University of Chicago Press, 2020
John Mattick, Paulo Amaral
RNA, the Epicenter of Genetic Information
CRC Press, 2023
Khawaja Husnain Haider
Stem Cells - From Drug to Drug Discovery
De Gruyter, 2017
Khawaja Husnain Haider
Stem Cells: From Myth to Reality and Evolving
De Gruyter, 2019
Khawaja Husnain Haider, Salim Aziz, MD
Stem Cells – From Hype to Real Hope
De Gruyter, 2019
Marcelo Sánchez-Villagra
The Process of Animal Domestication
Princeton University Press, 2022
Pierre M. Durand
The Evolutionary Origins of Life and Death
University of Chicago Press, 2021
Russell Bonduriansky, Troy Day
Extended Heredity : A New Understanding of Inheritance and Evolution
Princeton University Press, 2018
Samuel M. Scheiner, David P. Mindell
The Theory of Evolution : Principles, Concepts, and Assumptions
University of Chicago Press, 2020
Soraya de Chadarevian
Heredity Under the Microscope : Chromosomes and the Study of the Human Genome
University of Chicago Press, 2020
Stephanie Elizabeth Mohr
First in Fly : Drosophila Research and Biological Discovery
Harvard University Press, 2018
Wei Wei, Neal Stewart
Gene Flow : Monitoring, Modeling and Mitigation
CAB International, 2022
Zhizhin, G. V.
Attractors and Higher Dimensions in Population and Molecular Biology : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Engineering Science Reference, 2019