Gene Flow : Monitoring, Modeling and Mitigation
Wei Wei, Neal Stewart

Gene flow is a natural process that occurs spontaneously and enables the evolution of life. However, with the release of genetically modified organisms, concerns have focused on introduced foreign transgenes and their dispersal in nature through gene flow. This book examines gene flow of transgenes, such as herbicide resistance genes, with the goal of understanding the factors that may affect the process of gene flow. A greater biological understanding is essential to make sound management regulatory decisions when also taking into consideration the processes that happen in conventional plants. Monitoring, modelling, and mitigation are the three most closely related elements of gene flow. The book includes both scientific reviews and perspectives on gene flow and experimental case studies, including studies of gene flow in soybean and poplar. The authors present diverse views and research methodologies to understand transgene flow. This book: Focuses on applications of gene flow (monitoring, modelling, and mitigation); Includes both review chapters and case studies; Is written by international team of scientists currently working in gene flow. This book will be valuable for students and researchers in genetics, biotechnology, plant science, and environmental science. It also provides key insights of value to regulators of biotechnology as well as policy-makers.

CAB International
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