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Alexander Kalbarczyk
Predication and Ontology : Studies and Texts on Avicennian and Post-Avicennian Readings of Aristotle’s ›Categories‹
De Gruyter, 2018
Andreas Lammer
The Elements of Avicenna's Physics : Greek Sources and Arabic Innovations
De Gruyter, 2018
Aren M. Maeir, Itzhaq Shai, Chris McKinny
The Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages of Southern Canaan
De Gruyter, 2019
Charles Bonnet
The Black Kingdom of the Nile
Harvard University Press, 2019
Damien Janos
Avicenna on the Ontology of Pure Quiddity
De Gruyter, 2020
Franco Montanari, Stefanos Matthaios, Antonios Rengakos
Brill's Companion to Ancient Greek Scholarship (2 Vols.)
Brill, 2015
Karni Golan
Architectural Sculpture in the Byzantine Negev : Characterization and Meaning
De Gruyter, 2020
Oded Lipschits
Age of Empires : The History and Administration of Judah in the 8th–2nd Centuries BCE in Light of the Storage-Jar Stamp Impressions
Eisenbrauns, 2021
Oded Lipschits, Liora Freud, Manfred Oeming, Yuval Gadot
Ramat Raḥel VI : The Renewed Excavations by the Tel Aviv–Heidelberg Expedition (2005–2010). The Babylonian-Persian Pit
Eisenbrauns, 2021
Robert Bryer
Accounting for History in Marx's Capital : The Missing Link
Lexington Books, 2019
Susanne Brather-Walter
Archaeology, History and Biosciences : Interdisciplinary Perspectives
De Gruyter, 2019
Tommaso Alpina
Subject, Definition, Activity : Framing Avicenna's Science of the Soul
De Gruyter, 2021
Vivil Valvik Haraldsen, Olof Pettersson, Oda E. Wiese Tvedt
Readings of Plato's Apology of Socrates : Defending the Philosophical Life
Lexington Books, 2018
Warren Pezé, Daniel E. Rojas
International Recognition : A Historical and Political Perspective
Mohr Siebeck GmbH & Co. KG, 2021