Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards and Judgments in New York
Andreas A. Frischknecht, Yasmine Lahlou, Gretta L. Walters

Merely obtaining a favorable arbitral award or judgment at the end of a dispute holds little value unless the prevailing party is able to enforce it. This book, more thoroughly than any other source, shows practitioners how to navigate the relevant laws in New York—a leading global financial center known for its pro-enforcement policies and the powerful discovery tools it makes available to creditors. No other resource explores the current state of the law in New York as comprehensively as this book. Beyond its sheer practical significance given the likelihood of debtors having assets in (or routing U.S. dollar transactions through) New York, this book provides creditors and their counsel with the critical information they need to define their global enforcement strategy and facilitate their enforcement efforts not only in New York but potentially worldwide. Among the issues and topics that the book tackles are the following: • review of the fundamentals of U.S. practice and procedure for non–New York practitioners; • easy to understand, jargon-free explanation of the often daunting state and federal procedures for enforcement; • up-to-date, clear presentation of the relevant case law, including key state and federal decisions; • explanation of how state and federal laws intersect with international law; • review of significant recent developments impacting a creditor's ability to reach foreign defendants and their assets outside the U.S. in post-judgment execution proceedings; and • comprehensive advice on the practicalities of executing a judgment. Given the critical role New York plays in a host of cross-border transactions and its status as a hub for worldwide judgment and award enforcement, the demand to better understand the laws and judicial system within the state has never been higher. This comprehensive yet practical guide to navigating award and judgment enforcement in New York provides the understanding both the basics and the nuances in this area that is critical for any domestic or international practitioner when advising a client as to the likelihood of collection in or through New York.

Kluwer Law International
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