Enabling Agri-entrepreneurship and Innovation : Empirical Evidence and Solutions for Conflict Regions and Transitioning Economies
Catherine Chan, Brent S Sipes, Tina Lee

Agricultural entrepreneurs in conflict and post-conflict regions face special challenges; not just everyday personal risks, but also the difficulties of building small businesses when real or threatened violence can disrupt business growth cycles and economic security. Alongside establishing secure institutions, building a secure economy is rightly seen as the best way for conflict-torn regions to establish a peaceful future. But current agricultural entrepreneurship training and development starts from an assumption of peace, meaning that it is not always fit for purpose. The result is sub-optimal program design and inefficient use of resources. A product of a collaboration of experts in the fields of agri-business, agricultural marketing, and international development, this book gives officials and agencies developing entrepreneurship programs the practical real-life examples they need. Key Features: · Based on research by experienced field practitioners. · Establishes best practice approaches for supporting agri-entrepreneurship in conflict regions. · Range of global case studies to illustrate lessons learnt.

CAB International
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