Compendium of International Commercial Arbitration Forms
Sigvard Jarvin, Corinne Nguyen

International arbitration of business disputes continues to rise dramatically. New people entering the international arbitration community on all continents require a systematic guide to avoid a mere trial-and-error approach. This book, first of its kind, with numerous practical examples of the drafting of documents for each step of an international arbitration proceeding, under different arbitration rules and in different countries, allows actual ready-to-adapt forms to be located quickly for any issue likely to arise and clearly illustrates the different drafting styles used in practice. In one volume, in a single place, scores of documents are provided, all originating from real cases. A brief sample includes inter aliathe following: • request for arbitration; • answer/counterclaim; • claimant's reply to counterclaim; • terms of reference; • rules of procedure; • timetable for submissions; • procedural orders; • written pleadings/statement of claim/defence; • witness statements/depositions/affidavits; • requests/orders for the production of documents/discovery; • requests/orders on interim measures/security for costs; • hearings; • opening statement/closing statement; • submissions on costs; • awards/interim/partial/final/by consent; and • requests/decisions on correction and interpretation of awards. Explanatory comments on more complex forms help to raise the readers'awareness on a specific issue or discussion. Emphasis throughout is on procedural aspects. No other book makes it so easy to find all the information necessary to prepare a case or take a decision in the context of international commercial arbitration. These forms will be of immeasurable value to corporate counsel, management in instructing outside counsel, practitioners dealing with international arbitration, lawyers, arbitrators, members'organizations in industry and commerce, arbitration centres (especially newer ones in emerging markets), academic libraries and bar associations.

Kluwer Law International
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