Islamic Heritage Architecture
Brebbia, C.A, Martinez Boquera, A.

This book contains papers presented at the 1st International Conference on Islamic Heritage Architecture and Art. The papers deal with the design of many types of buildings in Islamic countries and the influence that these structural forms have had in non-Islamic countries. Coverage will also include construction materials. There is much to learn from past experiences to arrive at solutions that are environmentally sound and sustainable in the long term. As conventional energy resources become scarce, the Islamic design heritage can offer invaluable lessons on how to deal with difficult and extreme environments in an efficient manner. Traditional architecture and urban environment in most Islamic countries is now being eroded by overemphasis on global type of architecture and city planning. Consequently, many regions are losing their identity. The Conference will aim to review these developments in the light of what the classical Islamic urban designs and architectures have to offer modern society. There will also be coverage of conservation techniques appropriate to the materials and structural forms used. The papers in this book cover such topics as: Architectural conservation; Architectural heritage; Architecture in Malaysia and Indonesia; Climate adaptability; Conservation and restoration; Historical aspects; Houses and gardens; Islamic art and globalisation; Mosques and minarets; Ottoman Istanbul; Schools; The African Coast; The Islamic urban environment; The Mediterranean region; The use of light; Vernacular architecture; Wood and wooden roofs. The contents will be of interest to all researchers, practitioners and government employees actively involved with Islamic Heritage Architecture.

WIT Press
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