The Corpus Linguistics Discourse : In Honour of Wolfgang Teubert
Čermáková, Anna, Mahlberg, Michaela, Teubert, Wolfgang

With an ever-growing body of corpus linguistic tools, resources and applications, it becomes increasingly important to reflect critically on the underlying assumptions that corpus linguistics is based on. Focusing on meaning and methods, this book tackles fundamental concepts and approaches that define the discourse of the field. Internationally renowned contributors address topics that range from the history of corpus linguistics to contrastive perspectives between languages, to interpreting patterns in corpora as evidence of both mainstream discourses and individual voices within them. This collection not only adds to our understanding of the fundamentals of corpus linguistics, it also brings innovative meanings to the corpus linguistics discourse. It has been edited in honour of Wolfgang Teubert, who for decades has been a significant voice in this discourse.

John Benjamins Publishing Company
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