Version Control with Git and GitHub : Discover the Most Popular Source Control Solutions Used by Developers Worldwide
Alex Magana, Joseph Muli

Learn to create and enforce checks and controls for tracking, merging, and approval of changes in your source codeKey FeaturesExplore version control, its importance, and usageLearn to use Git individually and as part of a teamUnderstand debugging, maintenance, and deployment with Git and GitHubBook DescriptionIntroduction to Git and GitHub begins with setting up and configuring Git on your computer along with creating a repository and using it for exercises throughout the book. With the help of multiple activities, you'll learn concepts that show various stages of a file—from when it is untracked to when it is set for tracking under version control. As you make your way through the chapters, you'll learn to navigate through the history of a repository, fetch and deliver code to GitHub, and undo code changes. The first half of the book ends with you learning to work with branches, storing and retrieving changes temporarily, and merging the desired changes into a repository. In the second half, you'll learn about forking as part of a collaborative workflow. You'll also address modularity and duplication through submodules, tracing and rectifying faulty changes, and maintaining repositories.By the end of this book, you will have learned how to effectively deploy applications using GitHub.What you will learnUnderstand and implement best practices in version controlExplain the GitHub User InterfaceUnderstand what is Feature Branch Workflow and implement its featuresUse forking features, such as submodules and rebasingMaster commands for debugging and maintaining a repositoryImplement continuous integration with CircleCi or TravisCiGain insight into release management and how GitHub enables software releasesWho this book is forIf you want to migrate from other version control tools or want to learn more about Git, Introduction to Git and GitHub is for you. Prior experience in coding or familiarity with using the Bash command line interface will help you easily grasp concepts.

Packt Publishing
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