Introduction to German Law
Joachim Zekoll, Gerhard Wagner

It is thirteen years since the appearance of the successful second edition of this convenient English-language introduction to the law of Germany. This new edition covers all the significant changes and innovations that have occurred during that period, encompassing the pervasive impacts of European Union law and of globalization, as well as the greatly increased activity of the German legislature in every area addressed in this volume. With fifteen lucid chapters written by academic experts in their respective fields of law, as well as detailed bibliographies, this is the ideal starting point for research whenever a question of German law must be answered. The authors clearly explain the legal concepts, customs, and rules arising from such basic elements as the following: – characteristic problems of German legal unity; – principles and practices of constitutional law; – administrative law and procedure; – the German Commercial Code; – formation and conduct of corporations and partnerships; – contracts; – tort liability; – property rights; – family law; – succession and inheritance; – labor and employment; – issues of private international law; – courts and civil procedure; – the penal code and criminal procedure. Introduction to German Law, Third Edition provides an authoritative description of all issues likely to emerge in the course of normal application of German law in any context.

Kluwer Law International
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