Clean Technologies and Sustainable Development in Civil Engineering
Raluca- Andreea Felseghi, Nicoleta Cobîrzan, Maria Simona Raboaca

Energy, economic, and social concerns are becoming increasingly important due to climate change, threats to energy security, depletion of traditional resources, and threats to human health. Integration of green resources and the adoption of clean technologies are of strategic importance for civil engineering. To preserve natural resources and promote responsible engineering, it is essential to be aware of the clean technologies emerging in the field of civil engineering. Clean Technologies and Sustainable Development in Civil Engineering addresses clean technologies for the sustainable future of practical applications from civil engineering. It presents the latest research results and state-of-the-art methodologies that address top concerns and establish cooperative research and development worldwide. Covering topics such as green urbanization, sustainable waste management, and solar thermal energy, this premier reference source is an indispensable resource for civil engineers, scientists, environmentalists, students and educators of higher education, specialists, libraries, researchers, and academicians.

Engineering Science Reference
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