Digital Transformation and Internationalization Strategies in Organizations
Orkun Yildiz

Competitive strategies and higher education-industry collaboration policies are playing an important role in fostering the reputation and international rankings of higher education institutions. The positive impact of these policies may best be observed in economic and social outputs of many countries such as the USA, Singapore, South Korea, EU countries, and Turkey. However, the number of academic publications that specifically concentrate on the impact of these policies on higher education institutions and authorities remains relatively limited. Digital Transformation and Internationalization Strategies in Organizations covers a wide range of issues and topics, including employment systems, quality management systems, international ranking systems in higher education, education and language policies in higher education, and business models employed in techno-parks. This book helps higher education institutions manage their manpower and become cognizant of the factors that may exert a drastic impact on their success. It is ideal for managers, executives, IT consultants, researchers, practitioners, academics, professors, and undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Business Science Reference
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