Handbook of Research on Cross-Disciplinary Uses of Gamification in Organizations
Oscar Bernardes, Vanessa Amorim, António Carrizo Moreira

Gaming is increasingly prevalent in our society and everyday lives as a form of leisure or competition. The typical aim of gaming is to gain a pleasant experience from the game. Because of the saturation of gaming in global society, the gamification concept and its operationalization in non-gaming contexts has become a growing practice. This technological novelty is the basis for an innovative change in many types of environments such as education, commerce, marketing, work, health, governance, and sustainability, among others. The service sector especially has shown widespread adoption of the method as it seeks to increase and motivate audiences and promote brands. However, little research is available on the adoption of gamification in organizations, leading to a need for literature that investigates best practices for utilization and implementation. The Handbook of Research on Cross-Disciplinary Uses of Gamification in Organizations is a comprehensive and timely reference book that explores the field of gamification for economic and social development. This book provides dynamic research from this emerging field. Covering topics such as distance learning, health behaviors, and workplace training, this book is a valuable reference for researchers, marketing managers, students, managers, executives, software developers, IT specialists, technology developers, faculty of P-12 and higher education, teachers, professors, government officials, and academicians.

Business Science Reference
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