Alzheimer’s Disease: New Beginnings
Perry, George, IOS Press

Alzheimer's Disease: New Beginnings focuses on the future promise for therapeutic breakthroughs in light of notable clinical trial failures. The volume editors used a combination of scientometric evaluations to determine the most promising new approaches as well as soliciting insights from leaders in each of the major areas of Alzheimer's disease research. By combining these two approaches, they recruited authors from the entire outlook spectrum, from those who feel an elusive breakthrough might still be a few, well-placed tweaks away to those who feel that they are launching entirely new investigative paradigms. These scholars present an open-eyed path forward. Now is the most exciting period in this field as old dogmas make way for new insights, from new approaches to clinical trials, improved biomarker-based diagnostics, population-based studies, prevention, metabolism, to further refinement of the role of inflammation, genetics, tau, and amyloid-β.

IOS Press
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