Robotic Process Automation with Blue Prism Quick Start Guide : Create Software Robots and Automate Business Processes
Lim Mei Ying

Learn how to design and develop robotic process automation solutions with Blue Prism to perform important tasks that enable value creation in your workKey FeaturesDevelop robots with Blue PrismAutomate your work processes with Blue PrismLearn basic skills required to train a robot for process automationBook DescriptionRobotic process automation is a form of business process automation where user-configured robots can emulate the actions of users. Blue Prism is a pioneer of robotic process automation software, and this book gives you a solid foundation to programming robots with Blue Prism. If you've been tasked with automating work processes, but don't know where to start, this is the book for you! You begin with the business case for robotic process automation, and then move to implementation techniques with the leading software for enterprise automation, Blue Prism. You will become familiar with the Blue Prism Studio by creating your first process. You will build upon this by adding pages, data items, blocks, collections, and loops. You will build more complex processes by learning about actions, decisions, choices, and calculations. You will move on to teach your robot to interact with applications such as Internet Explorer. This can be used for spying elements that identify what your robot needs to interact with on the screen. You will build the logic behind a business objects by using read, write, and wait stages. You will then enable your robot to read and write to Excel and CSV files. This will finally lead you to train your robot to read and send emails in Outlook. You will learn about the Control Room, where you will practice adding items to a queue, processing the items and updating the work status. Towards the end of this book you will also teach your robot to handle errors and deal with exceptions. The book concludes with tips and coding best practices for Blue Prism.What you will learnLearn why and when to introduce robotic automation into your business processesWork with Blue Prism StudioCreate automation processes in Blue PrismMake use of decisions and choices in your robotsUse UI Automation mode, HTML mode, Region mode, and spyingLearn how to raise exceptionsGet the robot to deal with errorsLearn Blue Prism coding best practicesWho this book is forThe book is aimed at end users such as citizen developers who create business processes, but may not have the basic programming skills required to train a robot. No experience of BluePrism is required.

Packt Publishing
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