International Sales Agreements
James M. Klotz

Compared to domestic transactions, the risks associated with international sales are greatly multiplied. It is a rare international sales agreement to rely on minor variations of standard terms, as is so often the case in domestic agreements. Foreign laws, export/import and currency exchange controls, treaties, transit issues, inspection of goods, insurance, tariffs – all these and more – must be taken into account in contract negotiations. This is the third edition of an enormously useful book that guides practitioners through the process of drawing up sound agreements for the international sale of goods. Organized according to the framework of an annotated agreement, with detailed commentary on each provision, it incorporates hundreds of sample clauses designed to cover every contingency, including such factors as the following (and a great deal more): • definitions; • price adjustments; • labelling; • transportation modes; • confidentiality; • INCOTERMS; • documentation; • delivery dates; • limitation of liability; • arbitration; and • corruption. Although the clauses are drawn without reference to any particular country, relevant considerations are covered in the commentary to each clause. Appendices reprint the texts of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), the UNIDROIT Principles, and the Principles of European Contract Law. For lawyers charged with drafting an international sales contract, this book is invaluable. Clause by clause, it clearly details the drafting process, commenting expertly on every issue likely to arise. It would be hard to find a more useful guide.

Kluwer Law International
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