Leadership Through the Lens : Interrogating Production, Presentation, and Power
Creshema R. Murray

Television informs our perceptions and expectations of leaders and offers a guide to understanding how we, as organizational actors, should communicate, act, and relate. Because of its pervasiveness as a medium and the impact it can have in influencing expectations of leadership and related behavior within organizational life, television can be understood an important pedagogical tool. Leadership through the Lens: Interrogating Production, Presentation, and Power is an edited collection of 11 chapters that address representations of leadership in scripted and unscripted workplace settings, showcasing the innovative ways in which diverse leadership styles are illustrated in a variety of contexts on television. With a unique approach at the intersection of leadership and mass media studies, this book shows how the two disciplines coexist to inform how leadership culture is produced and transformed via presentation and representations on television.

Lexington Books
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