Powder Metallurgy and Advanced Materials : Selected Papers From the 5th International Conference on Powder Metallurgy & Advanced Materials, RoPM&AM 2017, 17-20 September, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Marinca, Traian Florin, Neamțu, Bogdan Viorel, Popa, Florin

The book presents recent advances in the following fields: Theoretical aspects, characterization and applications of powder and PM products. New developments in powder production and processing. Functional Materials. Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies. Health, Safety and Environmental Aspects of Particulates. Keywords: Powder Metallurgy, Powder Characterization, Functional Materials, Nanomaterials, Health Aspects of Particulates, Environmental Aspects of Particulates, Microwires in Cellulose Matrix, Multi-layer Steel, Reactive Mechanical Milling, Green Synthesis of Nanoparticles, Linear Homopolymers, Plasma Jet Depositions on Steel, Mössbauer Spectroscopy of Nanocomposites, Manganese Silicides, Quartz Sand, Weldability Model, Thin Films for Optical MEMS, Magnetron Sputtered Thin Films, Graphene Oxide / PVC Composites, Amorphous Alloy Preparation, Zirconium-doped Indium Oxide, W/Cu Nanocomposite Powders, W/Cu Functionally Graded Materials, Reactive Magnetron Sputtering, Heusler Alloys.

Materials Research Forum LLC
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