Teaching Languages and Cultures: Developing Competencies, Re-thinking Practices
Nina Lazarević, Editor, Ljiljana Marković, Editor, Tatjana Paunović, Editor

This volume offers diverse perspectives on language and culture teaching explored against the background of a fast-paced globalized world of increased mobility and opportunity. While teachers are pressed to reinvent and adapt the existing teaching practices, researchers are invited to conduct studies with a view of implementing the findings in the classroom practice. This collection presents discussions of different aspects of foreign language instruction, language skills and learning strategies, and foreign languages in professional contexts, as well as the role of intercultural competence in language teaching and teacher education. Offering insights into a variety of foreign language and culture teaching contexts throughout Europe, this volume will be of interest to researchers and practitioners in applied linguistics and language and culture teaching methodology, including both experienced and novice language teachers, in the Balkan region and beyond.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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