The Historical Jesus' Death As 'Forgiveness of Sins' : A Comparative Study of Paul and Matthew
JongHyun Kwon

JongHyun Kwon's research aims to discover whether the historical Jesus understood his death as a means of forgiveness by comparing Paul and Matthew's treatment of these themes. The strong tie between Jesus'death and forgiveness of sin in nascent Christianity is attenuated in Jesus research. Hence, the author's central question: Is this a true understanding of the historical Jesus, or a post-Easter theology? JongHyun Kwon's investigation is conducted through a comparison of the Pauline epistles and the Gospel of Matthew. The result is then compared against Jewish writings contemporary to Jesus. Through this methodology, JongHyun Kwon finds that Paul and Matthew correspond to one another on the issue of the strong affinity between Jesus'death and forgiveness. He then concludes that the historical Jesus may have understood his death as a means of forgiveness, as they describe.

Mohr Siebeck GmbH & Co. KG
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