Mediation : Creating Value in International IP Disputes
Theophile Margellos, Sophia Bonne, Gordon Humphreys, Sven Sturmann

Disputes about intellectual property (IP) rights are frequently multinational, with allegations of infringement and arguments about validity and ownership spanning numerous jurisdictions. As an alternative to expensive, risk-prone and time-consuming litigation, out-of-court settlements conducted through mediation are becoming more common, with the added advantage that they are not tied to the geographical scope of the IP rights at stake. This book is the first work of its type devoted to the practical A to Z of IP mediation. It is written in a reader-friendly style which makes it accessible to a wide readership. With numerous case study examples demonstrating the kind of challenges that arise and how they can be met, a team of internationally recognized mediators and IP experts offers in-depth discussion of how mediation mitigates difficulties in such IP areas as the following: • disputes on trademarks, designs, patents, copyrights and other IP rights; • allegations of breach of contract; • licences and transfers; and • R&D cooperation agreements. The authors provide analysis and recommendations about drafting settlement agreements, including standard clauses and enforcement, as well as an overview of the main mediation services which may be used to settle IP disputes. Showing how mediation offers a dispute resolution process at a human level where parties can not only discuss and resolve their differences but also create added value to the existing IP rights and the business surrounding them, the book will be warmly welcomed by lawyers, both in-house and outside counsels, IP professionals in general and rights holders and licensees.

Kluwer Law International
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