Handbook of Research on Natural Products and Their Bioactive Compounds As Cancer Therapeutics
Ashok Kumar Pandurangan, Suresh Kumar Anandasadagopan, Fahad A. Alhumaydhi

Many chemotherapeutic agents are available in today's market that are highly effective against a variety of cancer types; however, the major drawbacks of these chemotherapeutic agents are the many side effects. As an alternative to these chemotherapeutic agents, there are a number of natural agents that are effective against cancer that have been tested in preclinical and clinical models over the years. These natural products must be documented and discussed in order to provide a thorough overview of all the options available for cancer treatment. The Handbook of Research on Natural Products and Their Bioactive Compounds as Cancer Therapeutics emphasizes the list of natural agents against all types of cancers and discusses the current state of research in the fields of natural products and their derivatives against cancer in preclinical and clinical models. This book also provides insight into the applications of meditation and mindfulness-based interventions in clinical and non-clinical conditions. Covering topics such as cancer therapy, antioxidants, and flavonoids, it is ideal for students, research scholars, academicians, professors, scientists, oncologists, doctors, and medical practitioners.

Medical Information Science Reference
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