Medical Data Security for Bioengineers
Butta Singh, Barjinder Singh Saini, Dilbag Singh, Anukul Pandey

Breaches and identity theft involving medical data are on the rise. Data security has become especially critical to the healthcare industry as patient privacy hinges on legal compliance and secure adoption of electronic health records. As cyber criminals see medical data as an easy way to illegally obtain medical goods and services or sell sensitive information, major security flaws can pose serious threats to the health and safety of patients. Medical Data Security for Bioengineers seeks to provide a cross-disciplinary forum on research in privacy preserving healthcare systems and engineering applications in medical data security. The goal of the book is to instigate discussion on these critical issues since the success of electronic healthcare applications depends directly on patient security and privacy for ethical and legal reasons. While highlighting topics including data privacy, encryption strategies, and smart health, this book is ideally designed for IT experts, computer engineers, biomedical engineer practitioners, professionals, researchers, and post-doctoral and graduate students.

Medical Information Science Reference
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