Managerial Intelligence: A Clinical Perspective
Aaron Buchko, Author

This volume condenses over 60 years of clinical efforts with thousands of individuals in hundreds of organizations into a set of clear, concise, understandable principles and concepts that can be applied by managers to improve their performance and the performance of their organizations. Through multiple examples and illustrations, a framework is presented that enables managers to master the executive role.While there are many books that purport to provide methods or processes for managerial and executive development, most are based on empirical research efforts, or are largely anecdotal in nature, describing particular managers in particular organizations. There has been very little attempt to take clinical research with practicing executives and distil a series of principles and concepts that consistently predict success in the executive role. This book provides insights into the processes whereby managerial development occurs in an organization. Based on clinical interactions from decades of experience working with practicing managers, a series of unique models, frameworks, and concepts have been developed that provide the reader with novel ways in which to assess the process of executive development. The concepts, frameworks, and models also offer practicing managers techniques that can improve managerial performance and drive organizational outcomes.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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