Secure Cyber-Physical Systems for Smart Cities
Shaikh, Riaz Ahmed

Interest in developing smart cities has grown exponentially over the years with many governments across the world hoping to initiate these projects in their own countries. One of the key challenges for the success of any smart city project is the assurance of smart security and privacy of the citizens. Due to the use of a wide range of interconnected cyber-physical systems, traditional security solutions cannot be applied to smart city applications, and new practices must be sought. Secure Cyber-Physical Systems for Smart Cities is an essential reference publication that examines information security and privacy in smart city settings including discussions on new security frameworks, solutions, cybersecurity laws and regulations, and risk management frameworks for smart city environments. Covering a wide range of topics including wireless networks, security, and cyber-physical systems, this book is ideally designed for IT specialists and consultants, engineers, government officials, policymakers, researchers, academicians, and industry professionals.

Engineering Science Reference
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