Investigating Language as Social (Inter-)Action: The 15th Conference on British and American Studies
Marinela Burada, Editor

This volume consists of papers presented during the 15th Conference on British and American Studies, held at Transilvania University of Brașov, Romania. It reflects the work conducted by senior and junior researchers on a range of interesting topics falling into the wider scope of cognitive linguistics, language contact, translation and lexicography. The investigations reported here are streamlined into three chapters. The first, “Native Language Explorations and Acquisition”, has Romanian as its central theme. The second chapter, “Aspects of English – Insights into its Impact, Structure, and Descriptive Potential”, centres around the English language considered both as an object of academic inquiry in its own right, and against a larger cultural backdrop. The final chapter, “Translatability of Language, Translatability of Culture”, looks into matters concerning intra- and inter-linguistic translation, and their impact on intercultural communication.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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