Selected Writings on Financial and Economical Behaviours in the New Economy
Nigar Pösteki, Editor

The book evaluates the premise and consequences of financial behaviour in the new economy. It provides information about the financial and innovative behaviours of consumers in the new economy, where changing technology and knowledge are the main tools. It consists of two sections and nine chapters based on the financial behaviours of consumers and businesses in the new economy and the innovative approaches used in the employment, entrepreneurship and production processes.Today, both the consumers and the market-oriented enterprises are subject to financial contraction and expansion. Consumers now pay more attention to their budgets, and consumption habits are changing. In this context, consumer decisions are rational or psychological; they also depend on the proactive personality structure that can predict the future. Globalization and the convergence of markets, on the other hand, put the enterprises into tough competition. Businesses can change the financial behaviour of consumers through innovative methods. Moreover, the damage caused by enterprises to the environment can be reduced by improving their economic performance (eco-innovation).

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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