Fundamentals of Transfer Pricing : A Practical Guide
Michael Lang, Giammarco Cottani, Raffaele Petruzzi, Alfred Storck

Transfer pricing continues to be one of the most significant areas of heightened controversy in international taxation for multinational enterprises and tax administrations. Due to its far-reaching consequences, tax professionals and individual tax jurisdictions are required to understand the fundamentals of the topic, which is often caught in a maze of literature. Emerging from the joint research conducted by the WU Transfer Pricing Center at the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law at WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business), the international tax law firm L&P – Ludovici Piccone & Partners, and the experiences from the annual advanced transfer pricing courses and conferences, this first edition of the book acts as a manual for understanding transfer pricing principles and their practical application. It provides a balanced approach by first detailing the basics of transfer pricing and second proceeding to specific topics that are highly relevant in today's tax environment. For the purpose of easy understanding, the book is presented in two parts: Part I: General Topics I. Introduction to Transfer Pricing II. Accurate Delineation and Recognition of Actual Transactions: Comparability Analysis III. Transfer Pricing Methods (Part I): Traditional Transaction Methods IV. Transfer Pricing Methods (Part II): Transactional Profit Methods V. Administrative Approaches to Avoiding/Minimizing Transfer Pricing Disputes VI. Administrative Approaches to Resolving Transfer Pricing Disputes VII. Transfer Pricing Documentation: Master File, Country File and Country-by-Country Reporting Part II: Specific Topics VIII. Attribution of Profits to Permanent Establishments IX. Transfer Pricing and Intra-group Services X. Transfer Pricing and Intra-group Financial Transactions XI. Transfer Pricing and Intangibles XII. Transfer Pricing, Supply Chain Management and Business Restructurings XIII. Transfer Pricing and Customs Valuation XIV. Transfer Pricing and EU State Aid In analysing the above topics, the work undertaken by the OECD, UN, EU, World Customs Organization, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and other international organizations is considered. Moreover, the book contains several practical examples, judicial precedents and illustrative explanations to complement the understanding. The book will be a catalyst for immense learning of students and young professionals who are at the introductory stage of understanding the nuances of transfer pricing. Further, the book also caters to tax lawyers, in-house tax counsels and academics working in international organizations, the business community and advisory firms as well as government officials interested in understanding transfer pricing.

Kluwer Law International
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