Global Supply Chains in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Nozari, Hamed, Szmelter, Agnieszka

In a rapidly growing global economy, where there is a constant emergence of new business models and dynamic changes to the business ecosystem, there is a need for the integration of traditional, new, and hybrid concepts in the complex structure of supply chain management. Within the fast-paced pharmaceutical industry, product strategy, life cycles, and distribution must maintain the highest level of agility. Therefore, organizations need strong supply chain capabilities to profitably compete in the marketplace. Global Supply Chains in the Pharmaceutical Industry provides innovative insights into the efforts needed to build and maintain a strong supply chain network in order to achieve efficient fulfillment of demand, drive outstanding customer value, enhance organizational responsiveness, and build network resiliency. This publication is designed for supply chain managers, policymakers, researchers, academicians, and students, and covers topics centered on economic cycles, sustainable development, and new forces in the global economy.

Business Science Reference
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