Unique Sequence Signatures in Plant Lipolytic Enzymes : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Halima, Nihed Ben

Lipids are biomolecules that constitute a significant amount of biomass in the earth, and plant lipids are rapidly growing in interest due to their roles in improving food technology, medicine, nutrition, and biotechnology. With recent advances in protein chemistry, biochemistry, and enzymology promoting research on lipolytic enzymes, it is important for research to address the mechanisms of such enzymes and their diverse functions. Unique Sequence Signatures in Plant Lipolytic Enzymes: Emerging Research and Opportunities provides innovative insights into the biochemistry of plant lipases and phospholipases as well as their structures and catalytic mechanisms. The book explores the conserved domains and motifs of plant lipolytic enzymes by identifying the main residues involved in the catalysis in the enzymes and the phylogeny of important plant lipolytic enzymes, as well as calculating the evolutionary distance in those enzymes. Organized into six chapters, it is a vital reference source for researchers, chemists, biologists, academicians, practitioners, medical professionals, engineers, and graduate students.

Engineering Science Reference
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