New Perspectives on Modern Wales: Studies in Welsh Language, Literature and Social Politics
Sabine Asmus, Editor, Katarzyna Jaworska-Biskup, Editor

This book discusses issues of Welsh literature, history and the vernacular language of the devolved region of Wales (as a part of the United Kingdom of Northern Ireland and Great Britain). In this context, the volume sheds light on various aspects of the identity construction of a small nation with an endangered language, which is a P-Celtic tongue, known for exhibiting many features alien to Indo-European and SAE languages. All the issues tackled here are presented in diachronic and synchronic perspective, allowing for correlations to be drawn with similar problems faced by other cultures.As such, the volume will be of interest to anyone promoting Wales and Welsh culture within and outside the country, as well as journalists, politicians, linguists, literary scholars, historians, and those interested in areal studies focusing on the UK.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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