Landing a Library Job
Deloris Jackson Foxworth

Are you a librarian looking to change jobs or a recent or soon-to-be library and information studies graduate breaking into the field? If so, let this book be your guide through the career development process. Landing a Library Job covers the different types of library and non-library jobs available to you and points you towards the resources you need to land those jobs. The book's focus on the resources to secure jobs is what makes it unique. You'll learn where to find library and library-related jobs, how to successfully apply and interview, how to follow up, and how to cultivate your career. This book contains helpful information you can use to:Decide if and where you fit into the significant and growing field of library and information science Find and apply for library and information science positions Prepare for the employment interviewAccept or negotiate job offers Further develop your skills and knowledge in the library and information science field

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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