Handbook of Research on Industrial Applications for Improved Supply Chain Performance
García-Alcaraz, Jorge Luis, IGI Global, Jamil, George Leal, Avelar-Sosa, Liliana, Briones Peãlver, Antonio Juan

In the industrial world, companies are always seeking competitive advantages to sustain themselves in the globalized market. A supply chain is one of these improvements that managers implement in order to stay ahead of the competition. However, certain methods of supply chains add risks such as the addition of costs, possible accidents, and economic losses. Because of this, companies are looking for techniques in which to progress their supply chain execution. The Handbook of Research on Industrial Applications for Improved Supply Chain Performance is a pivotal reference source that identifies techniques, tools, and methodologies that can improve supply chain performance and enable businesses to generate a competitive advantage in the globalized market. While highlighting topics such as material flow, route optimization, and green distribution, this publication is ideally designed for managers, executives, logistics engineers, production managers, warehouse operations managers, board directors, consultants, analysts, inventory control managers, researchers, academicians, industrial and managerial professionals, practitioners, and students looking to improve costs and quality of supply chains.

Business Science Reference
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