Cheating and Business Ethics
Wallace R. Baker, Author

This volume is a unique collection of inspiring reflections designed to enhance the reader's understanding of both the importance and the relativity of business ethics. It invites experts and specialists of business ethics to explore threads from history, religion, philosophy and biology, but will also appeal to the thoughtful citizen, academic, businessman, banker and lawyer who has chosen to critically reflect upon the value of ethical conduct in today's world.The book draws from a rich mine of academic sources to consider how business ethics relate to today's key concerns, including wealth inequality, the need for effective financial regulations and sustainability—how best to engage with our duties to planet earth.Nourished by the author's life-long practice of international law and his exploration of academic thinking on ethics, this book is neither an analysis nor a sermon. It is an invitation to make the world a better place by engaging in ethical thought.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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