Demand Articulation of Emerging Technologies: Investigating the Longitudinal Dynamics of Innovation
Fumio Kodama, Author

In today's high-tech environment, we have to conceptualize a sophisticated translation skill that converts a vague set of wants into well-defined products. To do so, we must come to the concept of “demand articulation.” Marketing scholars have summarized that this concept is an important competency of market-driving firms. Most firms are more comfortable in a world of pre-articulated demand, wherein customers know exactly what they want, but the firm's challenge is to unearth that information.In order to better understand this idea, the book is organized into five categories, providing various insights into contextual change in innovation. These categories are: defense-centric; commercialization-centric; core competency-centric, innovation wave-centric, and fourth industrial revolution-centric. For each chapter, a specific industrial product is selected for analysis, and the longitudinal dynamics of demand articulation of emerging technologies are analysed.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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