Healthcare Facilities in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Mau, India
Amrita Dwivedi, Author, Arvind Kumar Singh, Author, Karam veer Yadav, Author

Beginning with an overview of the distribution and utilization of healthcare facilities in developing countries, this book presents an in-depth investigation of the role they play in Mau district, India. It analyses primary data collected through a sample survey of 680 households selected from 31 villages and two urban centres of Mau district. It then moves on to discuss the conceptual and theoretical framework of healthcare facilities, throwing light on the variation in their availability, accessibility and affordability. The book then considers the distribution of healthcare facilities, focusing on their spatio-temporal change and rural-urban variations, before moving on to addressing the relationship between the socio-economic characteristics of inhabitants and their utilization pattern of healthcare facilities in the area studied.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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