Metaphor and Translation
Dorota Śliwa, Editor

This volume brings together the ideas put forward at an international conference on Metaphor and Translation held at the University of Toulon, France, in June 2017. The bilingual nature of the contributions here provides an insight into recent linguistic theories from both the English- and French-speaking worlds. This diversified approach is further enhanced by contributors being based in a large number of countries worldwide and working on different language combinations.The kinds of problem areas investigated here include a wide range of themes. They cover aspects ranging from methodological and theoretical issues to specialist areas such as literature, culture and the economy. Whatever the theoretical approach applied, the findings come up with interesting and useful conclusions as to how metaphor is translated in the types of discourse analysis proposed. As a result, this volume will be of interest to both scholars and students involved in metaphor studies and translation, as well as to professional translators wishing to keep track of recent theories and practical issues in the field.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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