Global Perspectives on Human Capital-Intensive Firms
Cezanne, Cecile, Saglietto, Laurence

A firm's productivity has mainly been based on human capital resources, with organizational value and performance dependent on the knowledge and skills of their managers and employees. Because human capital research captures the transformation and complexity of productive organizations in today's globalized economy, it is crucial to grasp the scope and breadth of human capital-intensive firms (HCIF) and their impact in relation to value creation. Global Perspectives on Human Capital-Intensive Firms is an essential reference source that provides an advanced analysis of modern firms at an analytical and empirical level, as well as a transdisciplinary approach to how human capital will impact the economics and management of a firm. Featuring research on topics such as firm performance, knowledge creation, and organizational management, this book is ideally designed for accountants, researchers, professionals, business managers, human resource managers, graduate-level students, academicians, consultants, and practitioners seeking coverage on the evolution of HCIF in different sectors, their internal and external organizations, and their performance.

Business Science Reference
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