Paving the Way for 5G Through the Convergence of Wireless Systems
Trestian, Ramona, Muntean, Gabriel-Miro

In the ever-evolving telecommunication industry, smart mobile computing devices have become increasingly affordable and powerful, leading to significant growth in the number of advanced mobile users and their bandwidth demands. Due to this increasing need, the next generation of wireless networks needs to enable solutions to bring together broadband, broadcast, and cellular technologies for global consumers. Paving the Way for 5G Through the Convergence of Wireless Systems provides innovative insights into wireless networks and cellular coexisting solutions that aim at paving the way towards 5G. Through examining data offloading, cellular technologies, and multi-edge computing, it addresses coexistence problems at different levels (i.e., physical characteristics, open access, technology-neutrality, economic characteristics, healthcare, education, energy, etc.), influencing networks to provide solutions for next generation wireless networks. Bridging research and practical solutions, this comprehensive reference source is ideally designed for graduate-level students, IT professionals and technicians, engineers, academicians, and researchers.

Information Science Reference
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