International Firms’ Economic Nationalism and Trade Policies in the Globalization Era
Chandan, Harish C., Christiansen, Bryan

The current world economy is interconnected; however, due to recent economic crises, trade deficits, and nationalist movements, there is a political trend of economic nationalism that is taking root in countries around the world. As such, global economies around the world are decreasing their international trade and introducing import tariffs and economic protectionism. International Firms'Economic Nationalism and Trade Policies in the Globalization Era provides a comprehensive understanding of the recent rise of economic nationalism in the context of the hyper-connected global economy by providing strategies and country-specific solutions for domestic and international firms. Covering how multinational corporations can overcome the protectionist sentiments while reinventing their corporate social responsibility models, it showcases how economic nationalism and globalization can successfully coexist. This publication is ideally designed for business leaders, economists, professionals, policymakers, researchers, and academicians.

Business Science Reference
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