Post-Narratology Through Computational and Cognitive Approaches
Ogata, Takashi, Akimoto, Taisuke

Studying narratives is an ideal method to gain a good understanding of how various aspects of human information are organized and integrated. The concept and methods of a narrative, which have been explored in narratology and literary theories, are likely to be connected with contemporary information studies in the future, including those in computational fields such as AI, and in cognitive science. This will result in the emergence of a significant conceptual and methodological foundation for various technologies of novel contents, media, human interface, etc. Post-Narratology Through Computational and Cognitive Approaches explores the new possibilities and directions of narrative-related technologies and theories and their implications on the innovative design, development, and creation of future media and contents (such as automatic narrative or story generation systems) through interdisciplinary approaches to narratology that are dependent on computational and cognitive studies. While highlighting topics including artificial intelligence, narrative analysis, and rhetoric generation, this book is ideally designed for designers, creators, developers, researchers, and advanced-level students.

Information Science Reference
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